The density of ground vs. unground coffee

23 02 2010

Does ground coffee take up more, less, or the same volume as whole bean coffee? If I want two scoops of ground coffee, how many scoops of whole beans should I put in the grinder?

To find out, I put two scoops* of coffee beans in my blade grinder and ground it fine. After putting it into a plastic container, I gently shook it to get the coffee to settle, as it would in a package of ground coffee.

The result: pretty darn close to the same volume.

Two scoops (16 grams) of coffee, whole and ground

* The scoop I used is from an Aeropress, and is somewhat larger than a typical coffee scoop. According to a scale, two scoops of coffee is just under 16 grams.

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2 responses

10 11 2010
James Long

When one grinds coffee beans in a market, one uses the same bag tha beans came in to collect the ground coffee.

A 1 pound bag of unground cofee is the same size as a 1 pound bag of ground coffee.

25 08 2011

Yes! I was looking for this information. I had thought that it would actually be more, I.e., 2 tbsp unground equals 2.5 ground, as I felt more buzzed than normal this morning. Maybe I was just more buzzed on life…

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